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  Seattle Seafair

Location: Seattle, Washington

Client: Seattle Seafair - A very large outdoor festival that includes over 100 other
affiliated events.

Client Objectives

Client hired Skye Griffith, President of Skyline to accomplish multiple objectives as follows:

  • Motivate Festival staff and the several dozen festival directors affiliated with Seafair.
  • Make recommendations to their respective events to take their participation to the next creative level.
  • Facilitate brainstorming by all participants to stimulate ways of being more creative in their event design and execution.

Skyline Consulting

Skye Griffith, Skyline’s president provided a 90-minute program, “Capturing Audiences Through Creativity,” that provides many visual examples of creative programming and site design for outdoor events. The presentation included leading attendees in a brainstorming session designed to spark their creativity and cooperation.


The consulting program and results received high marks for content, impact and relevancy. Many participants commented that it was also a lot of fun!


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"Wow! You guys really know how to throw a party!
All of us connected with the Colorado Avalanche can't thank you enough for the great job you did orchestrating the celebration at City Hall for our
Stanley Cup Champions "
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