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  Gypsy Mandolin

Gypsy Mandolin has one of the top mandolin players in Colorado, Charlie Provenza, leading the band. Gypsy Mandolin can range from one to four talented players, but the most popular is its versatile trio, which consists of guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. Their repertoire is acoustic sets of jazz, bluegrass, and a European flare that comes to mind with the word "gypsy."

Charlie Provenza is one of the best known musicians in the West. He was the National Mandolin champ at Winfield in 1988, and he has won the Telluride and Rockygrass Mandolin Championships 6 times. He plays with great wit and imagination and is a walking encyclopedia of mandolin knowledge in a variety of musical styles. Throughout the mando world, Charlie is considered to be one of the handful of giants.”
                                                          - David McCarty - Mandolin Magazine

“Provenza is one of the bright stars of the mandolin world in my opinion”                                                                         - Mandolin Café

Mandolin/Guitar Duo: Gypsy Mandolin is an extremely versatile duo, playing everything from gypsy and classical Italian music to bluegrass and the Blues. Charlie Provenza heads this pair on mandolin, a five-time winner of the Telluride Festival mandolin contest and a Winfield mandolin championship titleholder. To create an uplifting and unique atmosphere for your special event, choose this world-class duo.


Giant Tarantella

St.Anne's Reel

Track 01

Track 01

Track 10


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