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Consultants are engaged for expertise, knowledge and experience. Skyline has all of that plus uncommon creativity and exceptional idea generation. Events are our business – we know how to plan and produce them, and we can share that information with you. We have the ability to help you develop a budget for what you have in mind and the know-how to get things done on the budget you have available. We recognize potential problems you may not even know exist. We work out the solutions before they become problems.

Why “re-invent the wheel” when we have “been there, done that.” Hiring Skyline as your Event Consultant will not only save time and money. We will assist you in elevating the impact of the event and reaching your goals.

Skyline Talent & Events can assist in many areas including:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Site Evaluation and Selection
  3. Site Design
  4. Site Enhancement - Making The Most Of Your Site
  5. Program Development
  6. Technical Production (Selecting Sound, Lights, Staging, Etc.)
  7. Special Effects (Selecting Fireworks, Lasers, Theatrical Smoke Etc.)
  8. Producing A Community Concert Series
  9. Community Parades
  10. Staff Motivation
  11. Talent Showcases
  12. Ceremonies
  13. Pageantry

Skye Griffith, CFEE, president of Skyline Talents & Events is an industry veteran with over 25 years experience. See bio.


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"Wow! You guys really know how to throw a party!
All of us connected with the Colorado Avalanche can't thank you enough for the great job you did orchestrating the celebration at City Hall for our
Stanley Cup Champions "
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